Dog jumping hurdles
Agility equipment


Agility is only available this year for activity days for boarders and for Dog Day care.

Our large enclosed agility paddock boasts a range of equipment including the ramp, hoop, see-saw, A-frame, jumps, tunnels, weave poles and the dog walk! Your dog will love to explore and use the equipment whilst being taught by one of our staff. Its a great way to make exercise fun and incorporate basic obedience as well.

Agility sessions are light-hearted and fun, each dog practicing whatever equipment they feel confident with. We gently increase the challenge with each session to help your dog to gain confidence with each section of the course.

*Agility is suitable for dogs over 12 months old, providing they are fit and healthy and not suffering from any physical problems, which could be exacerbated by a moderately challenging activity.

Canine activities


Activities available;
REBALANCE ANIMAL CHIROPRACTOR & HYDROTHERAPY: by Carly Spratley. Please contact us for more information.
FITNESS SWIMS: 1 session £15, 2 sessions £25
TREADMILL: Fit Fur Life, 1 session (10 mins) costs £10 , 2 sessions are £17.50 AGILITY: sessions are 20-30 mins and cost £15.

All sessions supervised, Heated Pool.Sessions are not available on Sundays.

Canine activity holidays

Charney offers a fun filled activity holiday for your dog, so you can be sure that whilst you are enjoying yourself on holiday, your dog is too!

We have a range of activities which can be tailored to your dogs' individual needs and activity levels, to ensure they get the most from their stay.

Our activity holidays are suitable for fully vaccinated puppies right up to the more mature adult dog, and we will plan activities which we feel appropriate to each dog's age, fitness levels and individual preferences.

Activity holidays are particularly beneficial for very active breeds who enjoy the additional activities, challenges and stimulation, but are simply great fun for all, whether they are working dogs or family pets. Activity holidays are available by the day.

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